D: Riparian and wetland vegetation management

Details Developing and testing approaches to riparian and wetland vegetation management to improve revegetation outcomes and cost effectiveness, including revegetation techniques and vegetation maintenance or protection.

Outcomes Development of waterway revegetation approaches that have the potential to be more efficient and effective.

Theme Leader Joe Greet
Research projects 4.1 – Understanding the values of zero-order streams and their importance in protecting downstream waterways
4.2 – Investigations into the water regime requirements of E. camphora at Yellingbo NCR
4.3 – Supporting the MERI framework through improved NRM planning
4.4 – Prioritisation and effectiveness of rural land runoff control interventions
4.6 – Evaluating direct seeding as a cost-effective technique for riparian revegetation
4.7 – Assessment of Phragmites expansion and control measures at the Seaford Wetlands

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