Research Staff

Tim Fletcher
Professor Tim Fletcher has expertise in stormwater quality, treatment and impacts, with research focused on modelling stormwater flows, quality and the performance of novel stormwater treatment and harvesting systems. He has been involved in a range of green infrastructure such as biofiltration, infiltration and green roofs. For more information visit Tim’s website or email: 

Chris Walsh
Associate Professor Chris Walsh is a stream ecologist whose research asks how landscapes, and human activities in them, affect the ecological structure and function of streams and rivers.  His primary projects have aimed to guide land and water management practices that permit the restoration and conservation of stream ecosystems, often in concert with other co-benefits. For more information visit Chris’s UoM Page, his website for online tools or email: 

Yung En Chee
Dr Yung En Chee is a quantitative applied ecologist. Her research interests include spatial and ecological modelling, decision analysis, reasoning under uncertainty and interdisciplinary research. She works on how ideas and methods from these fields can be integrated to improve conservation and environmental decision making. For more information email: 

Stephanie Lavau
Dr Stephanie Lavau is a Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Environmental Practice. Her research and teaching focus on social and cultural aspects of environment management, knowledge and governance, particularly in relation to ecosystem health, environmental risk, biodiversity conservation, and natural resource management. For more information visit Stephanie’s website or email: 

Rhys Coleman (Melbourne Water)
Dr Rhys Coleman is an aquatic ecologist who currently manages the waterways and wetlands research program at Melbourne Water – including projects relating to the stormwater management, protection of aquatic biodiversity, vegetation management, aquatic recreation and public health, environmental flows, and catchment impacts on estuaries and bays. For more information email: 

Matthew Burns
Dr Matthew Burns is a hydrologist working on the links between urban stormwater and stream degradation. His interests are in a range of environmental fields, specifically in catchment hydrology, the modelling and performance of stormwater source-control measures, and ecohydrology. For more information email: 

Samantha Imberger
Dr Samantha Imberger is a freshwater ecologist interested in the effects of landuse change and other anthropogenic impacts on aquatic systems. She is particularly interested in the effects of urbanisation on organic matter dynamics and both ecosystem structure and function. She undertakes both experimental and observational research that informs and guides policy and ecosystem management. For more information visit Sam’s website or email: 

Joe Greet
Dr Joe Greet is a wetland ecologist who hopes his research will improve our ability to protect and restore wetland environments. His current research projects include: assessing the response of swamp forests to hydrological restoration within the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve; ecology-informed control of invasive wetland plants including Phragmites, Phalaris arundinacea and Kunzea; modelling to predict deer impacts on riparian vegetation within Victoria; and maximising prospects of direct seeding as means of revegetating riparian environments. For more information visit Joe’s website or email: 

Fiona Ede
Dr Fiona Ede is an restoration ecologist with a focus on riparian areas. She has worked on several projects in collaboration with management agencies, from assessing impacts of invasive plant species on seedling recruitment, through to evaluating riparian fencing and revegetation programs. She is particularly interested in improving the outcomes of revegetation activities, with her current research focused on testing the potential of direct seeding as a revegetation technique for Melbourne Water. For more information email: 

Chris Szota
Dr Chris Szota is a plant ecophysiologist, working on selecting plants and substrates which improve the performance of stormwater control measures including: green roofs, street tree pits and raingardens. His research activities include monitoring systems in the field, glasshouse experiments and development of models which describe both stormwater retention and plant performance. For more information email: 

Mike Sammonds
Mike Sammonds is a research officer specialising in the collection, processing, maintenance and distribution of high quality datasets used across the research group. His goal is to support the group’s aim of publishing reproducible research findings along with the data to support it. For more information email:

Kathy Russell
Dr Kathy Russell is a fluvial geomorphologist, working on the impacts of urbanization on stream physical form and function. Her research interests include the sediment supply and transport regime of urban streams, sediment pollution produced by construction areas, prediction of stream channel adjustment to urban conditions and the provision of freedom space for urban streams to exhibit healthy dynamic behavior and engage their floodplains. For more information email: 

Fern Yong
Fern Yong is a research officer with a passion for the nature of things and is currently working on a project looking at the influence of urban karst on the transport of water and associated pollutants. She is responsible for providing technical expertise and research support across a range of projects within the team. For more information email: 

Peter Poelsma
Peter Poelsma is…. For more information email: 

Rob James
Rob James is a research officer with extensive instrumentation and electro-mechanical experience. He is currently designing novel methods of quantifying groundwater input to streams, designing self-cleaning flow structures and is part of a team working on low-cost sensors using open source methods to make our environmental sensor data available online. For more information email: 

Gen Hehir
Gen Hehir is….. For more information email: 

Darren Bos
Dr Darren Bos is an ecologist with extensive community engagement experience, especially the administration of financial incentives and community grant programs that are aimed at improving environmental condition. Darren co-coordinates the knowledge exchange activities of the partnership. For more information email: 

Rachael Bathgate

Geoff Veitz
Dr Geoff Vietz is a waterway geomorphologist. His research is focused on how land use change, and human activities, influence waterway ecohydraulics, and physical form and function. Current projects aim to develop a predictive tool for managing waterway morphology and clarify sediment changes in urban catchments. He is also the Director of Streamology, a consulting company ensuring research is put into practice. For more information visit Geoff’s research website or email: