Partnership update : June 2018

Pumping works @ Yellingbo
Following successful trials early this year, a full season of environmental pumping is now planned at Yellingbo Nature Reserve in Jan-Apr 2019. The pumping will help researchers deduce how changes in the local hydrology have impacted on Threatened EVCs. More details on the project can be found in the project summary or the latest project update.

Partnership renewed
We are excited to report that the The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Water have signed another five-year Partnership agreement. This will see our collaborative research continue until June 2023. Work is well underway to develop a new suite of research projects to be delivered over the next five years. Feedback is now being sought on a shortlist of 23 research ideas that respond to Melbourne Water’s Key Research Areas. Contact Rhys Coleman or Rachael Bathgate if you’d like to see and/or comment on the list.

Engagement awards for the MWRPP and Little Stringybark Creek Project
The MWRPP has been acknowledged for its collaboration with industry, winning the University of Melbourne’s “Award for Excellence in Industry-Engaged Research”. The Little Stringybark Creek Project was also acknowledged, winning the “Award for Excellence in Engagement – Research”. The prize money from both awards will be used to support additional research through the partnership.