Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange is a critical function of the MWRPP, with a range of activities undertaken each year for with the aim of:

  1. promoting the partnership, its purpose and contribution to the management of Melbourne’s waterways;
  2. building awareness and understanding of the partnership’s research projects;
  3. encouraging stakeholders to interact with the partnership and collaborate in research projects
  4. establishing a culture of knowledge and data sharing between researchers and practitioners; and
  5. encouraging integration of research findings into the management of Melbourne’s waterways.

There are two strategic documents that direct the delivery of knowledge exchange activities:

  1. Knowledge Exchange Plan. The Knowledge Exchange Plan provides a framework for all engagement and communication activities undertaken as part of the Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership. The plan gives consideration to approaches to integrate findings from the research into policy and practice, and opportunities for staff development and exchange between researchers and practitioners. Importantly, the plan provides direction for conducting and Annual Survey and the development of an Annual Implementation.
  2. Implementation Plan. The Annual Implementation Plan translates the Knowledge Exchange Plan and the Annual Knowledge Exchange Report in to action, by outlining the knowledge exchange activities that may be undertaken over the coming 12 months of the partnership. It also gives consideration to the expected outcomes and deliverables for individual research projects over that period.