Knowledge Exchange

The Knowledge Exchange (KE) program is a critical component of the MWRPP that aims for the integration of research findings into the management of Melbourne’s waterways. The KE program is also concerned with the promotion of the partnership; raising the profile of the research projects; facilitating a culture of knowledge sharing and encouraging stakeholders to actively participate in the research program.
The Knowledge Exchange & Impact Framework (KEIF) is a strategic document that guides the exchange of knowledge generated by the research of the MWRPP. Central to the KEIF is the understanding that knowledge exchange activities are not simply the ‘communication’ or ‘translation’ of research ideas, but the active integration into policy and practice. It identifies pathways and processes for maximising research adoption and implementation, ensuring that knowledge exchange activities are strategic and coordinated. Importantly, the KEIF also identifies the process for evaluating the progress and effectiveness of knowledge exchange activities, and most importantly, the extent of impact on Melbourne Water business, through the development of Business Benefits & Impact Tables.

A copy of the KEIF is available here.