2020 Ecological Society of Australia Awards

  • Ecological Impact Award

Title: Ecological modelling and waterway management prioritisation in greater Melbourne

Recipients: Yung En Chee (Waterway Ecosystem Research Group, University of Melbourne), Rhys Coleman (Melbourne Water), Sharyn Ross Rakesh (Melbourne Water), Nick Bond (Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems, La Trobe University) and Chris Walsh (Waterway Ecosystem Research Group, University of Melbourne)

2019 River Basin Management Society Awards:

  • Building Knowledge in Waterway Management

Title: Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership

Recipients: Rhys Coleman (Melbourne Water), Tim Fletcher, Chris Walsh, Yung En Chee, Darren Bos (University of Melbourne). 

Judges Notes: The judges noted the multidisciplinary coverage of research topics from this research partnership was impressive. The nomination demonstrated how research findings and information generated by the partnership was being widely disseminated, and the thorough engagement process undertaken to determine research priorities. The collaborative industry-focused research model is being adopted elsewhere, proving how influential the group is.

  • Innovation in Waterway Management (Finalist)

Title: Ecological Modelling and Waterway Management Prioritisation in Melbourne

Recipients: Rhys Coleman, Sharyn RossRakesh (Melbourne Water); Yung En Chee, Chris Walsh (University of Melbourne), Nick Bond (La Trobe University)

  • Advancing Waterway Management Through Graduate Research (Finalist)

Title: Advancing Waterway Management Through Smart Real-Time Control Technology

Recipient: Wei (Daniel) Xu

2018 University of Melbourne Engagement Awards

  • University of Melbourne – Award for Excellence in Industry-Engaged Research

Title: Melbourne Waterway Research Practice-Partnership.

Recipients: Chris Walsh, Tim Fletcher, Yung En Chee.

  •  University of Melbourne – Award for Excellence in Engagement-Research

Title: Changing the world one pipe at a time: the Little Stringybark Creek project

Recipients: Tim Fletcher, Chris Walsh, Darren Bos.

2019 Victorian Water Awards:

  • People’s Choice Award

Title:  Innovation in Passive Street Tree Irrigation for Large Scale Implementation in the City of Melton

Recipients: Chris Szota (university of Melbourne), Melton City Council, Alluvium Consulting