Research Themes

Research priorities and themes for the MWRPP are co-developed (by the Waterway Ecosystem Research Group and Melbourne Water) through an annual workshop, conducted to identify:

  1. Strategic research questions to be addressed;
  2. Broad methods to address the research questions;
  3. Potential research collaborators;
  4. Potential avenues for funding of the research, including external opportunities; and
  5. Desired outputs for knowledge dissemination.

This approach allows research projects to be tailored to meet the strategic priorities identified in the Water Plan, and those which occur as a result of unforeseen circumstances during a Water Plan period. The initial set of research themes that will be pursued by the MWRPP are:

  1. Models of ecological response;
  2. Flow and water quality management;
  3. Catchment scale interventions;
  4. Assessment of stream management activities; and
  5. Community engagement.


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