5: Community engagement


Social engagement in the management of waterways and their catchments


Rationale & Explanation

Working closely with Themes 2 and 3, this project aims to identify the most effective ways of engaging community involvement in the protection of waterways in their catchments – in both rural and urban contexts. It will undertake research to assess the effectiveness of regulatory and economic approaches, as well as participatory and education approaches. For example, this research will identify the role of factors such as institutional identity and trust in facilitating or inhibiting community engagement.

Theme Leader

Peter Morrison

Research projects

5.1 – Effectiveness of alternative community engagement strategies
5.2 – Making incentives matter: understanding the effectiveness of incentives in stimulating community waterways practices
5.3 – Community values for Melbourne Water’s biodiversity assets
5.4 – Community participation in waterway protection and restoration

More information on these projects can be found here