2: Flow and water quality management


Development, modelling and experimental assessment of the effects on flow and water quality of management interventions at a range of scales, for i) Urban stormwater retention and ii) Water Sensitive Farm Design.


Rationale & Explanation

This theme will: develop new techniques that mimic natural processes to improve flow restoration and filtration (e.g. riparian zone bioretention systems for runoff in both urban and rural areas); test these techniques in both rural and urban demonstration sites; measure and model the ability of various technologies to restore flow regimes and the urban water balance; assess the potential for pollutant transfer from infiltration and filtration techniques to soils and groundwater.

Theme Leader

Tim Fletcher

Research projects

2.1 – Optimizing flow regimes in the context of a superabundance of water
2.2 – Modelling the benefits of stormwater control measures on reducing flooding
2.3 – Modelling of global urban stormwater runoff excess
2.5 – Setting hydrologic objectives from site-scale to catchment-scale
2.6 – Developing tree-based infiltration systems

More information on these projects can be found here