C: Urban stormwater and rural runoff management for waterway health

Details Testing the effectiveness of approaches to stormwater retention, treatment and harvesting in urban and rural areas to protect waterway health. It also seeks to understand the factors influencing the maintenance of dispersed stormwater control measures on both public and private land.
Outcomes Determine the optimal scale and arrangement of stormwater treatment and retention systems to achieve stream protection in urban and rural areas.
Theme Leader Chris Walsh
Research projects 3.1 – Scaling up the hydrological consequences of site-scale stormwater control measures
3.2 – Monitoring of stream response to catchment-scale interventions
3.3 – Long-term performance and willingness to maintain distributed stormwater control measures
3.4 – Catchment-scale retrofit: experimental assessment of the ability of new multi-scale urban stormwater management approaches to protect the hydrology, water quality and ecology of receiving water ecosystems

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