Peer Review

As an organisation committed to evidence-based management, Melbourne Water invests considerable funds in both research and technical reports (both from researchers and consultants) which are based on or rely on scientific evidence. Given the magnitude of investment based on such documents, there is a strong argument for ensuring appropriate peer review.

The Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership is able to facilitate an independent peer review process.

This process is coordinated in a way similar way to that conducted by scientific journals. That is, reviewers with appropriate expertise are sought out (both nationally and internationally) and will produce confidential, independent reviews, which will be provided to Melbourne Water. The Partnership simply facilitates this process, and will not usually have a role in influencing the peer review process (except in the case where one of the Partnership’s researchers is identified as an appropriate peer reviewer).

The cost of engaging such reviewers is provided through the normal project budget. Such an approach replaces the method whereby consultants typically engage and pay for peer review as part of the project budget, a process that lacks the perception of complete independence.

For more information on this process please contact Rhys Coleman (