Journal Papers

This page features some of the articles written by the partnership’s researchers. A complete list (of all publications) can be found via the following links: Journal articles, Book chapters and Conference proceedings. Many of these are available to Melbourne Water employees, by contacting Rachael Bathgate or the researcher directly.

Improving the Multi-Objective Performance of Rainwater Harvesting Systems Using Real-Time Control Technology.

read it here (Water 2018)

In this article, Partnership researchers investigated the enhancement of rainwater tanks via Real Time Control (RTC) technology. Using continuous simulation, they modeled the ability of different tank systems to achieve water supply, stormwater retention and baseflow objectives. They concluded that the active release mechanism employing RTC technology exhibits great promise; allowing a tank system to perform optimally across a wider range of climatic conditions.

And the conclusion? Rainwater tanks using RTC technology were better at concurrently achieving water supply, stormwater retention and baseflow restoration benefits, compared to other types of tank systems.