Melbourne waterways research forum

Presentation Schedule

Presenting research outcomes from the Aquatic Pollution Prevention Partnership (A3P, RMIT University) and the Melbourne Waterway Research Practice Partnership (MWRPP, University of Melbourne)

8:45-9:15 Coffee and registration
9:15-9:25 Welcome and introduction
Rhys Coleman
9:25-9:55 A3P Research Program Summary
Vin Pettigrove
9:55-10:15 Melbourne Water’s chemical use along waterways – effects on aquatic ecosystems and human health
Jackie Myers
10:15-10:35 Indicators for waterway health assessment
Sara Long
Morning Tea
11:00-11:20 Sources, types and impacts of urban and rural pollutants including emerging contaminants of concern
Vin Pettigrove
11:20-11:50 Impacts of sediments from urban and rural stormwater on stream health
Claudette Keller & Kathy Russell
11:50-12:20 Developing indicators to monitor stormwater wetland performance
Kathryn Hassell & Chris Szota
1:00-1:30 MWRPP Research Program Summary
Tim Fletcher
1:30-1:50 Geomorphic change & disturbance thresholds for the protection or recovery of stream form in urban catchments
Geoff Vietz
1:50-2:10 The impacts of ‘next generation’ citizen science programs
Stephanie Lavau & Debbie Gonzalez Canada
2:10-2:30 Effectiveness of rural land interventions to improve stream flows and water quality
Tim Fletcher & Rob Sargent
Afternoon tea
2:55-3:15 How can retention, use and treatment of urban stormwater protect or provide natural flow regimes for waterway health?
Matt Burns & Sam Imberger
3:15-3:35 Understanding and managing the impacts of deer on riparian vegetation
Joe Greet & Lee Hazel
3:35-3:45 Next year’s research program & close
Rhys Coleman