Bulletin details

Results of the survey

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey on the partnership’s knowledge exchange activities for the previous 12 months. We received 87 people responses to the survey and a load of valuable comments and ideas. Here is a snapshot of what we found:

  • 38% of people believe knowledge generated by the partnership has helped or is expected to help them in their role at Melbourne Water; 
  • meetings are the most common way of exchanging knowledge (56% of respondents attending a meeting with UoM Researchers) and are seen as highly valuable (73% rate them 4 or 5 out of 5); 
  • some (23% of respondents) simply want to be informed about the partnership, while others want to be involved (26%) or actively collaborating (20%), and 
  • the preferred mechanisms of communication going forward were email bulletins, presentations and fact sheets. 

FYI, Michelle Ezzy won the prize of chocolates for participating in the survey!

We are now using the results of the survey to shape our knowledge exchange activities for the next 12 months.